Enter the world of Shards of the Jaguar!
Be part of the mysterious Initiation ceremony and become the most powerful hunter of your tribe!


Shards of the Jaguar is a tabletop game of strategy, deduction and traps.


to not miss the mysterious journey

About the game

Each of you is an initiate and your journey goes through a mysterious temple, where you are competing for the remaining crystal shards of the Jaguar.

But the journey is perilous, as each of you has to incorporate the Jaguar's hunting instinct, and to do so, you are setting dangerous traps against each other.


Main features

Trap mechanic


Various player powers


Action point system

Modular game board

The Legend

There was Kahanur, the founder and first leader of your tribe, who was a mighty warrior. One of the reasons he was so powerful was his ability to change his shape and  take the form of a jaguar.

As a jaguar, Kahanur was an unstoppable force and defended your tribe succesfully for many years. But on an unfortunate day, a mysterious enemy attacked and cursed him. And as a result, the Jaguar was defeated and broken into crystal shards...


Your Journey

You and your fellow young tribe members have to go to the sacred temple - where the Jaguar's remaining shards are still to be found -, and take part in an initiation ceremony.

Your goal is to acquire the Jaguar’s best skills by collecting it’s shards, performing rituals, and incorporating it’s hunting instinct by setting secret traps against the others. If you are successful in your journey, you will come back as a powerful hunter, and the best of you will be the heir of Kahanur.

Fekete háttér 1_kraken.jpg

How does the game's core engine, the Trap Mechanic work?

1. Trap setting
Each round - before movement - each player chooses a trap from the 4 possible types and sets it by choosing one of it's options secretly.

The 4 traps with the 3 possible options:
Poisonous Gas - Poisonous gas leaks up from one of the 3 different colored floor types (blue/orange/red)
Darts - Darts fly out from one of the 3 different colored walls (yellow/blue/red)
Guards - The Jaguar guards strike with one of the the 3 different colored claws (gold/silver/bronze)
Earthquake - Earthquake shakes the temple in one of the 3 possible columns (first/second/third)

2. Action phase
After secretly setting the traps, the players spend their 4 action points for movement in the temple (move their pawn on the board) and for taking items (crystals, amulett chests, map pieces). The order of the movement depends on the trap you chose.

3. Trap revealing
After each player finished with their actions, the players reveal the previously set traps and check if somebody got hit by them. The players suffer the effects of the traps they got hit by, and the player who set it, gains glory points for each successful hit.


As you set the traps before the movement, you have to think with the others' head and find out their motivations to have successful hits.

But in the same time it is also really important to find out what are the others' prepared traps to avoid them. For this, you have to watch closely the others' movements, as they can give you valuable information about their possible trap (as no one wants to get hit by their own, so they will not finish their movement on a space with their own trap).


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